Want a simple decoration for your desk or office that will make your space more inviting?
more interesting?  more engaging?  more personalized?  

I have just the ticket!  A living breathing low maintenance fish bowl.

Whatever your betta bowl needs, I can do it.

I can revamp your existing betta bowl,
design a unique cool betta display using some or all of your items, such as a vase,
ornament or fish
I can create a new, unique and intriguing display guaranteed to make people take notice.

These are living breathing creations made with the health and beauty of the animals in mind..

Larger vases, the betta can even have a personable live frog as a companion!!

Estimated Prices for Purchasing Bowl without filtration
(Prices vary slightly depending on bowl)

Large:   $98.00
Medium: $59.00
Small: $38.00

Email for prices for redesigning and cleaning services.
My vases include:

**Live aquatic and bare rooted houseplants which assist in maintaining a
more healthy environment,
**Interesting rocks and ornaments (if wanted),
**Free Setup and Delivery,
**Food and water conditioner,
**Lifetime care support ( call me anytime if you have any questions)
**Two week guarantee on all fish/frogs
**Come with (not pictured) or without filtration.