Freest Fancy Aquarium Maintenance
Live Planted Freshwater & Brackish Water Aquascapes
Regency Cove Restaurant Tanks
They are Ever Changing, so they may or may not currently look like these
Can be viewed at 95 10th Ave
40 Gallon Brackish Water
Includes Flounders, Archer, Puffers, Gobies
Oriental Theme
55 Gallon Goldfish Tank
55 Gallon Greek Ruins Theme with Angelfish
55 Gallon Sunken Ship with Rainbowfish
Natural Live Planted
Congo Tetras
40 Gallon
Grand Champion and First Place Every Time entered Tanana Valley State Fair!
These are pictures of tanks before I took them over and after I took over.
I came in and revamped them, converting them from Artificial to Live Planted.
125 Gallon
30 Gallon
90 Gallon
55 Gallon
live plants, real & artificial (rarely)logs,
real & artificial (rarely)rocks and sometimes decorations.