Born February 2, 2016
CAGBA Reg# 16978BB
Rec# B15729
CHF Promise J, Solid Black/Grey
CHF Solo, Solid Light Brown
Multiple: Twin - CHF
Jadore, Sister Black/Grey, Blue Eyes
Color: Light Red
Sex: Buck

With this boy we hope to increase our reds in our stock.  He also has some
badgers in his background, so some of them would be awesome.  Blue eyes
are also a possibility with him.  His sire has an absolutely amazing soft fleece
and this boy is looking to follow in his footsteps :)  Being a blend of Solo and
the Promise line, we have high hopes for this boy.  Bringing him here was a
joint effort with Connie and Nick Gardner who we co-own him with.  


'18 June 13, Single, Dark Brown, Buck,
Zircon, Dam: Topaz, Solid Taupe
'18 June  , Single, Black, Buck,
Bunny, Dam: Gloria, Fading Light Red
'18 July 19, Single, Light Red, Doe,
Coral, Dam: Herkla, Red
IJ Lord Greylock
Goats In
His Pedigree
Taken 4/28/2016 at 2.5 months old
Dam CHF Promise J
at 5 years old
Kair Pablo
with dam Kair Nadia in background
Kair Nanjii
CHF Dandy
Pictured at 10 months old
Kair Nanjii
Kair Nanjii
Second Fleece
June 18, 2016
Sire CHF Solo
Winter & Spring 2016
at 3 yrs old
Baron just born,
with his twin sister Jadore
who has blue eyes.