Born January 07, 2011
CAGBA Reg#  13592D
WFF Hope
Sire: MW Adam
Multiple: Twin
Color: Solid Fading Red
Sex: Doe


'13 Dec. 29  Single, Solid Black, Buck, Sire:  Unknown
'15 June 2 Twin, Solid Black Buck, Solid White Doe,
Beth, Sire:  Contender
Taken June 2012
Our Bottle baby,
Taken Jan. 20, 2011
EMF Little Paulie/311
His strong traits include wide-set horns, fine fleece, tight lock
structure, and a lot of uniformity.
As a Kid
Yearling Fleece
At 3 Yrs Old
At 4 Yrs Old
EMF Gibraltar
EMF The Architect
At 2 Yrs Old
August 26, 2013
Full fleece