Registered Name:  CHF Arianna 905
Born 03/30/2009
ACAGR Reg# 7129
Rec# D7171
Dam:  CHF Arra, Solid Cream Apricot
Sire:  CHF Alex, Solid Black
Multiple: Single
Color: Medium Red Solid
Blue Marbled Eyes
Sex: Doe

Herkla came to us on August 23rd, 2013 as a 4.5 year old.  We are sooo pleased to have her!  Her color with blue eyes has
been my dream goat for many years.  She is from Diane Coon of
Coon Hollow Farm, one of the foundation breeders of
colored angora goats.  She was the formers owners favorite fiber, describing it as soft and silky.  She has decent coverage,
still has a nice soft handle to her fiber, gorgeous eyes, a nice horn set and has always twinned at the other farm.

Kidding History here at the Farm

'14 Jan 25  Purlly, Single, Taupe Doe, Sire: CHF Contender
'15 June 09, Casanova, Single, Dark Taupe Buck, Blue Eyes, Sire: CHF Contender
'16 February 14, Valentine, Single NQ White Doe, Blue Eyes, Sire: CHF Contender
2017 March 29, Bowie, Single Taupe Buck, Blue Eyes, Sire: WFF Sinatra
2017 November 6, Twin Bucks, Sheeran, Lt Red Pinto w/ Blue Eyes & White w/ Light Red Dorsal Stripe, Sire: WFF Sinatra
2018 July 19, Single Doe, Coral, Light Red, Sire: CHF Baron
2019 August 27, Twins, NQ White Blue Eyes Buck & Light Red Blue Eyes Doe, Sire: WFF Sinatra
Taken August 26,'13
IJ Lord Greylock
In Pedigree
In full fleece
Sept 2014
Herkla with her
2014 doe kid Purlly
Herkla with 2016 doe kid,
and 2014 doe kid, Purlly,
in background
IJ Whado (on right)
From AAGBA Whites
White w/ Red Fibers
Slate Mercer B335