Born February 8, 2016
Dam: DeeDee 119 CHF, Light Red Solid
CHF Jude, Solid White
Multiple: Single
Color: White
Sex: Buck

Totally stoked about this buck and what he will do for our
breeding program!  Bringing him here was a joint effort
with Connie and Nick Gardner who co-own him.  He goes
back to 45 on his sires side, an absolutely amazing AAGBA
buck from Fred Speck lines.  I have dreamed of getting a
buck kid out of him since Diane bought him.  Even though
he is white, which can happen for a few generations after
breeding to AAGBA white goats, we are hoping he will
throw color, blacks, reds, pintos and even badgers are all
possible out of him.  Even if he doesn't, he will improve the
quality of the mohair on my goats immensely.  
Cannot wait for kids out of him!!!
Goats In
His Pedigree
Taken April 28, 2016 at 2.5 months old
CHF Jolanta
Jude's Dam
Above at 4 yrs old
CHF Jude
As a yearling
2 1/2 yrs old
DeeDee 119
April 30, 2016
3 yrs old
Mr. Pinto - AAGBA
June 14, 2016
June 18,2016
Just Born
Best Angora Goat Overall
TVSF 2017
Judge: Randy Shumaker
Blue Eyes
CSPN Benji