Registered name: MW Adam
Recorded # B9993
CAGBA Register # 9993B
DOB: February 27,  2009
Tag# 435
Color: Solid Medium/Copper Red
Multiple: Single
Sire: EMF Little Paulie  reg#: 11175BP
Dam: MW 305 reg# 9992BD

Breeder:  Eureka! Mohair / Mohair West
Randy Shumaker and Allen Mesick,
Tollhouse, California

2011    Bred to WFF Hope,
WFF Gloria, NQ White/Fading Red and White Buck, Twin
Bred to Violet,
WFF Abel, Buck and Doe, Twin,  NQ White/Fading Red
Since the beginning of our endeavor into colored angoras,
breeding reds has been the dream.  After three different
years of trying to acquire a red buck we finally got one!   
Finally this year at the CAGBA National held at the Black
Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon held in mid June 2009, I
found a buck that will hopefully make our dream come true.  
We are extremely excited about Adam and hopeful that he
will pass on some wonderful dark red mohair.  He is a faded
red but carries deep color in his pedigree.   At this age he is
exhibiting gorgeous consistent lock coverage throughout
his body so we are hopeful that he will pass that lovely lock
structure to his offspring and give us color!    His pedigree
goes back to Gibraltar that produced mohair tails and super
fine, uniform kids, and Eureka! Mohair's favorite herd sire,
EMF Little Paulie/311.    
Thank you sooo much Allen and Randy for letting
us add your lovely genetics to our herd, hopefully
opening up great new breeding opportunities!!!  
Excited to see what he will bring and for you to
watch him develop.
Just before his first shearing
at one year old
As a Kid
Yearling Fleece
At 3 Yrs Old
At 4 Yrs Old
EMF Gibraltar
EMF The Architect
EMF Little Paulie/311
His strong traits include wide-set horns, fine fleece, tight lock
structure, and a lot of uniformity
At 2 Yrs Old