DOB: 2001
Tag# WC142
Registered #:  9721BDI (thru inspection)
Color: Solid red/brown   Multiple: Unknown
Sire Name: Brooklyn, Solid Med/Copper Red,  reg#: 1759BBP, Twin
Dam Name: Bangles, Solid Chocolate Brown,  rec#: D367, Single
Breeder:  Dawn Lantz;
Willow Creek Farm, Roy, Washington

Kidding History
'07 Shaun Brown, Single red with white feet doe, Sire Peter
'08 Amber, Single red with white feet doe, Sire Peter
'09, Single light red doe (died at birth),  Sire Contender
'10 Feb 01, Twin Does, Sadie and Rosie Taupe/Silvery Brown, Sire Contender
May 07
Rosebud with her first Daughter, Shaun
Rosebud with second daughter, Amber just born
Feb 2008
Rosebud with Amber
Jan 08 Fleece
Feb. 06, 2007
Her first kid,
Shaun Brown just born
April 2007
Rosebud and Shaun
Rosebud as a 7 year old, her first kid, Shaun Brown as a yearling and her second kid,
Amber at 3 months old

Rosebud resembles the angora goat that came from Turkey in the 1840's that are often called
Navajo Angoras.  Her ancestors trace back to a Navajo Reservation in Colorado.   
Navajos were used  a lot in the beginning of CAGBA's formation as many of these goats display color.  
She displays many of the wonderful characteristics of the Navajo style such as hardiness,  large substantial
body (the dairy goat judges love her!), good feet,  decent mothering abilities and keeping a decent fleece
with color even at 8 years old!   Although she is only a recorded doe with CAGBA (we hope to be able to
register her in the future), she is a very valuable asset to our breeding program.    Many of the angoras lack
hardiness and solid body frames and she has certainly passed these lovely traits onto her kids.  Her fleece
is of the more open style, very consistent throughout her body.   We have been extremely please with her
kids, always giving us red does even on two different bucks (both modern style CAGBA bucks), with lovely
mohair coverage on a nice substantial body.   Exactly what we are looking for!