CSPN Sylvia
June '06
First Shearing, October '05
Sept '06
Reg# 3186RD, Twin, Silver Lightbelly
Bred by Sharon Chestnutt,
Cloudspun, in Philomath, Oregon
Born Mar. 27, 2005 - Feb. 8, 2017

Sire: CSPN Rumple, Reg# 1984BB, Solid Black
Dam: CSPN Daisy, Reg# 1608RD, Solid White


Bluebell, black with blue marble eyes, doe, Sire: Peter, CAGBA Black
Silver, silver light belly, buck, Sire: Peter, CAGBA Black
2009: Born in May, white, buck, Stillborn, Sire:
Rowan, AAGBA White
2010, January 26:
Glacier (Snowflake), white w/ red Fibers, marble eyes, doe Sire: Contender
'10 Dec 31, solid black, doe Sire: Peter, CAGBA Black
'12 May 20,
reverse badger, buck Sire Contender, CAGBA Black
'13 February 04,
Sylvana, silver light belly, doe, Sire: Peter, CAGBA Black
'14 January 08,
Grayling, silver light belly w/ partial belt, buck, Sire: Contender, CAGBA Black
'15 April 10, silver lightbelly w/ blue eyes, buck, Sire:
'16 April 16,
Sally, white w/ fading red dorsal stripe, marble eyes, doe, Sire: Contender, CAGBA Black

Sylvia is one of our foundation does,  she has the sweetest temperament of all of them, producing kids just
like her!  She is also a very attentive loving mother.  She produces an enormous amount of nice mohair but
it does lack enough grease to keep from matting.   So she really has to be shorn twice a year to get nice
fiber, (no long doll locks off her).   
Arrives, Jun '05, 4 months old
2007, Her first kid, Bluebell, just born
May 08, Just shorn as a 3yr old
Jun 06
April 08 in full fleece
2016 doe kid, Sally