Born January 11, 2013
CAGBA Reg#  13596B
Sire: CSPN Spring's Buck, aka Peter
Multiple: Single
Color: Grey Pinto/Rev. Badger, Blue Eyes
Sex: Buck


'16 April 22, WFF Shaun Brown, Twin Does, Lucy and Lenae, Solid White w/ Marbled Eyes
'16 April 22,
WFF Opal, Twins, Topaz, Light Taupe, Doe and Solid Grey, Buck
'16 Apil 23, WFF Hope, Twins Does, Pearl, Grey w/ White Star, Poppy, Grey Pinto, Blue Eyes
'16 May 22,
WFF Purlly, Single, Sophia, Black Pinto, Doe
'16 May 23,
WFF Paisley, Single, Black Pinto, Buck
'17 Feb 15 WFF Potentilla, Triplets, Grey Pinto Doe, Grey Buck, Black Buck
'17 March 29
Herkla, Bowie, Single, Taupe Blue Eyed Buck
'17 April 14
WFF Purlly, Single, Lupine, Black Blue Eyed Doe
'17 April 19,
WFF Topaz, Single, Grey Blue Eyed Buck
'17 April 20, WFF Opal, Twin Bucks, Reyn, Blue Eyed Grey Pinto, Percy, Light Taupe
'17 April 23,
WFF Paisley, Trinity, Single, Grey Pinto Blue Eyed Doe
'17 May 1,
WFF Hope, Twin Does, Malta, Solid Black Blue Eyed and Dream, a Solid Grey
'17 May 3,
WFF Beth, Single, Nancy, Medium Red Blue Eyed Doe
'17 May 18,
WFF Sally, Lachlan, Single, White Blue Eyed Buck
Just Born
Ella, Sinatra and full sister Opal in the background
In pedigree: CHF Maverick
In pedigree: CSPN Mobie
September 5, 2014,
Blue eyes
August 7, 2015
At 2.5 yrs old
before and after his
May 2016 shearing
Just born,
showing his pinto markings