CAGBA Reg#  13592D
WFF Hope
Sire: MW Adam
Multiple: Twin
Color: Solid Fading Red
Sex: Doe


'13 Dec. 29  Single, Solid Black, Buck, Sire:  Unknown
'15 June 2 Twin, Solid Black Buck, Solid White Doe,
Beth, Sire:  Contender
'16 May 30, Memo, Single Solid Black Buck, Sire: Sinatra
'18 June 19, Single, Black Buck, Sire: Baron

Gloria is a well built doe just like her dam.  She is the only doe sired by
Adam before he passed.   She was born not quite white with a faint
showing of red and has since faded to white mohair.   She now lives and is
loved by my friends the Gardners where they call her Glory.   We are
hoping to get back a red doe kid from her.   
Taken June 2012
Our Bottle baby,
Taken Jan. 20, 2011
EMF Little Paulie/311
His strong traits include wide-set horns, fine fleece, tight lock
structure, and a lot of uniformity.
As a Kid
Yearling Fleece
At 3 Yrs Old
At 4 Yrs Old
EMF Gibraltar
EMF The Architect
WFF Hope
Midge aka Violet
CSPN Spring's Buck aka Peter
CSPN Grey Wolf
Aztec Brooks