Registration #  Pending,  Tag#  Pending
DOB: June 13, 2018
Multiple:  Single
Color: Brown
Dam Name: WFF Topaz,  Dam# 16526BD, Solid Taupe
Sire Name: CHF Baron, Sire# 16978BB, Light Red

Breeder:  Tim and Becky Hammond, White Fireweed Farm
In Pedigree on
Dam's Side,
White w/ Red Fibers
CSPN Spring's Buck
Great Great Grand Sire
Off Pedigree
Mobie CSPN 262
CSPN Ella Great Grand Sire
Sinatra's Dam
CSPN Spring's Buck
Sinatra's Sire
CSPN Grey Wolf
CSPN Spring's Buck's
Grand Sire
Aztec Brooks
CSPN Spring's Buck's
Great Grand Sire
Off Pedigree
WFF Sinatra
WFF Opal
CHF Rolex
IJ Lord Greylock
Goats In Pedigree
on Sire's Side
CHF Baron
CHF Sterling
Dam CHF Promise J
at 5 years old
Kair Pablo
with dam Kair Nadia in background
Kair Nanjii
CHF Dandy
Pictured at 10 months old
Kair Nanjii
Kair Nanjii
Second Fleece
Sire CHF Solo
Winter & Spring 2016
at 3 yrs old