Prices range from 100.00 up to 500.00 for a colored kid doe or buck.  
Prices will vary some depending on quality and if multiples are purchased together.  
Angora Goats For Sale

Born March 29, 2017
CAGBA Reg# 17459BB
Rec# B16233
Dam:  CHF Arianna 905, aka
Herkla, Red with Marbled Eyes
WFF Sinatra, Grey Pinto with Blue Eyes
Multiple: Single
Color: Light Taupe Solid with Blue Eyes
Sex: Buck

$450 as buck, $250 as wether

Pintos, Reds, Blacks, Blue Eyes possible from this buck.

Born November 6, 2017
CAGBA Reg# Pending
Rec# Pending
Dam:  CHF Arianna 905, aka
Sire: WFF Sinatra
Multiple: Twin
Color: White with Fading Light Red
Sex: Buck

$400 as buck, $250 as wether

Pintos, Reds, Blacks, Blue Eyes possible from this buck.
Same pedigree as

Born January 18, 2018
CAGBA Reg# Pending
Rec# Pending
WFF Purlly, Light Red
CHF Jaron, White
Multiple: Single
Color: Solid White
Sex: Buck

$400 as buck, $250 as wether

This boy should have lovely soft mohair for a long time.  
He can be used as a buck, but his dam has double teats
so he might throw them.  Double teats rarely cause
problems and is not a disqualification for angoras, but
some do not like them.  Very tame and friendly.

May Update:  He is growing awesomely, Lots of
coverage and beautiful fleece.  

WFF Purlly

Born January 25, 2014
CAGBA Reg# 14425D
CHF Arianna 905 (Herkla)
Sire: CHF Contender
Multiple: Single
Color: Taupe
Sex: Doe

Purlly is an awesome doe that produces amazing babies.  Her first kid
was a black and white pinto, second kid a black with blue eyes doe and
this year she had a solid white buck.  Pintos, blacks, reds and whites
are all possible with her.  At three years old she still has a lovely soft
handle to her fiber and at this point it will likely remain soft like her dam
has still at almost 9 years old.  She is a well built doe.  Her faults are
that her fiber structure is not completely consistent from neck to britch
but still Very useable.  She does have double teats, which in angoras is
not a disqualification, just a fault.  Her second teats are quite small and
do not intrefere at all with the kids ability to suckle.  She is a standoffish
doe.  Only selling her as we need to make room for kids.  

Only buck available that can be bred to her is Baron.  
They can produce reds, blacks, silver, badger, pinto, white.

$ 350

CHF Baron

Born February 2, 2016
CAGBA Reg# 16978BB
Rec# B15729
CHF Promise J, Solid Black/Grey
CHF Solo, Solid Light Brown
Multiple: Twin - CHF
Jadore, Sister Black/Grey, Blue Eyes
Color: Light Red
Sex: Buck

Baron was flown in from out of state as a youngster and is from Coon
Hollow Farm which is one of the founding breeders of the colored
angora goats.  He is not related to any of angora goats in the state  He
has some Awesome genetics in his background.  His sire has the
softest fiber his breeder has seen on a goat which is the main reason
we bought him, that and his color.  Unfortunately as he matured he is
not showing phenotypically his awesome genes.  He has not grown into
what we had hoped but that does not mean he won't throw nice
offspring.  He is smaller and narrower than we like and his fleece
although extremely soft lacks the ringlets that is desired with mohair.  

He is the only buck I have currently available that can be bred to Purlly.

$ 350