Domestic Medium Hair
Born Approximately July 2001

Cream came to us from the animal shelter at about 4 months old.  
She and her littermates were dumped into a dumpster in the bitter
cold of our winter and when they were dumping the garage into the
landfill she ran out.  Unfortunately her littermates did not survive.  
When the workers went to catch her she bit them out of fright, but
luckily they were able to capture her and bring her to the shelter.  
When she came in the staff was fairly certain she was feral but after
being in quarantine for a few days I realized she wasn't, just scared.  
Realizing she was not going to likely get adopted due to her
circumstances I adopted her.  I named her Cream Poof because
when she came home all I could see of her was a poof.  After some
time she realized there was nothing to be afraid of and is now an
extremely social kitty, if not on a bit of the bossy side:) She does
wear the scar from her ordeal in the one ear that was partially
frostbitten off.  
As a kitten
when she finally came out of hiding