Fairline Kavanaugh
(Ch. Sametsuz Ard-Righ - Ch. Fairline Hollyglade of Munster)
In October 05, Kavan and I had an car accident, I was
fine but unfortunately Kavan was not.  He broke his
back and was paralyzed.  Thanks to Dr. Priddy in
Anchorage, he fused his back and he is now running In
October 05, Kavan and I had an car accident.  I was
and playing again with no pain.  He has a hunched back
and some limited mobility in his hindlegs but is
thoroughly enjoying his senior years.
Ever the bird dog!
He lived to go for a car ride until
after the accident.  Now he would
prefer to stay home as he cannot
sit as easily anymore.
Bad Hair Days!
Loves his stuffies, they are his
Showing off his English Cut
Full Sister -  Fairline Kiersey
His Dam - Can CH Fairline
Hollyglade of Munster
Breeder Cynthia & Patrick Hunt of Ontario Canada
Born March 1996
His Sire - Sametsuz Ard-Righ
Full Brothers' (Kincaid) Daughter -
Allmeek Aya
Full Brother -Kincaid
Full Brothers' (Kindrigan) Daughter -
Can.Ch. Fairline Neilly
Full Brothers' (Kindrigan) Grandson -
Fairline Rafferty