Saul Comes Home
All Legs, about 5 months old
Off Duty, Jan 06, -40 below -
to cold for the predators
At about 10 months old,
learning the house
Our Maremma Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)
Thanks to his breeder,
Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm for entrusting us with this
most wonderful, invalueable dog!

Born Spring 2001 - April 16, 2016
Neutered Male

Dam: Sophia or Bianca
Sire: Maximilian

Saul was our first experience with a lgd and he taught us sooo
much about living with one.  He became probably our most
valued asset on the farm and made us fall in love with them.  He
was Such an awesome, amazing animal and wonderful friend.   
His last few years he lived in retirement from the job and
enjoyed sleeping in the house and outside in the sun where even
though he was stone deaf he would still announce to the world
he was still there and watching.  He is truly missed.
About 10-12 weeks old
Saul loves his "teddies"
He is most active and on guard in
the evenings, becoming almost a
different dog.  During the day he
acts lazy and amiable although
always ready.  Come evening he
is active, alert and patrolling.
Watching over his charges
and enjoying some leisure
September 6, 2014 with Neiva
Summer 2014