My little soulmate.

Snag changed my life.  

Came into the animal shelter while I was working there as a stray all matted and a
mess.  He was approximately 1 years old.  I was training a volunteer how to handle
animals and used him in a demo that showed a very friendly cat as he was upside
down in his cage reaching out for attention which is a Very none persian attitude (they
tend to hide in the corner of their cage in a shelter environment).  We were having an
outbreak of upper respiratory infections in the cats and he ended up on the
euthanasia list as he was sneezing.  I didn't feel he had it as he had issues due to his
poorly constructed persian face.  I couldn't bare the thought of him being euthanized
so on a whim adopted him to foster him.  Well he ended up being the first foster I
didn't rehome and after that a long line of others to follow lol.  He had health issues
due to his crooked jaw with a snaggle tooth sticking out (hence the inspiration for his
name and the fact that he literally snagged me into his life).  He also had no tear ducts
and a neurological problem that made his head bobble and eyes wobble at times.  
Along with that he didn't always use the litterbox to pee until I set up a box with just
towels for him to pee in.  With all those issues I could not find him a home and the
thought of putting such a character down was not going to happen.  So my life with him

He was an extremely special boy, trusting of everyone and not afraid of anything.  A
total snugglier when he was in the mood.  He would greet me everyday at the foot of
the driveway to say hi.  Not the brightest bulb in the chest, often thought he had some
brain damage.  

He only lived to be about 10 years old, his poor little body couldn't do more than that,
but the lives he touched in that time was amazing, including my complete heart.