Born Sept 28, 2007.

Brought him home at 7 weeks
old.    Thank you to Kelly and
Trevin Campbell for allowing us
this lovely boy!!  And to Mary
Bruso for conning me into "just
looking at the puppies" :)  

An AKC Standard Apricot
Poodle.  Named after my much
loved and missed Uncle that I
lost tragically as a small kid.  He
was a jovial man that loved kids
and a warming smile.   I always
wanted to name a dog after him
and it is fitting that when I was
finally able to, it is a poodle!!  
He loved poodles and his only
dog I knew him to own was a
standard poodle.  So young
Sonny, you are living up to your
namesake of being a gentle,
happy go lucky bundle of
January 17, 2008
Playing in the
Sonny goes on his second road trip to Soldotna, 1100 Miles round trip, slept
most of the way!!!  Here he is taking a break in the snow.
What a wonderful puppy!!!