Large Fowl
Rosecomb Rhode Island Reds
Our birds started with Dick Horstman line birds, later bred to Duane Urch lines and now they have a bit of quality lines I have been able to add over time.  
Breeding for laying ability, quality of their eggs size and shape and all the while for meeting the APA standard.   

These birds are NOTHING like the typical rhode island red you think of.  First off they have rosecombs not single combs.  
Rosecombs are Much more resilient to frostbite than single combs.  They also have a TOTALLY different temperament, color
and build.  Non-aggressive (I Hate typical rhode island reds), deep mahogany almost black color, not the washed out orange
color and a totally different build.  But... honestly they do not lay as well as the typical hatchery rhodies but you will
thoroughly enjoy living with them and they are decent layers.   
These are by far my favorite exhibition quality birds for overall laying ability and livability.  
I Thoroughly enjoy living with these birds!!!
Horstman line
Urch line