WFF Donna Thump
Born October 10, 2016
Satin Angora

Born Fuzzy's Van Doe, Chocolate Agouti
Sire: Hercules, Red

Even though Donna is the smallest of the litter, she brings to the
table on her 8 week body evaluation lots of promise and already
showing amazing crimp to her fiber.  Amanda Major evaluated
her and really liked her.  Said she was a bit more narrow
throughout than her sister, but very nice shoulders, good depth
for length of body, doesn't quite carry all the way down to the
table and a little narrow in the rear.  1/4/16 12 week evaluation by
Amanda Major, still likes her, little extra length in shoulder, good
depth, width, length, well balanced, best coat of litter, good
density, even and silky with lots of sheen.
4 Weeks old
Van Doe's
Van Doe's
with dam
Van Doe
Nine Weeks Old
At 12 week evaluation