In December 2012 we began our journey with german angora rabbits.  We began with a pair from
registered stock, Michael and Matilda.  We chose the german angora because they don't required
grooming like other angora breeds, you just shear them every 3 months and the amount of fiber in
one shearing far exceeds the amount of other breeds of angoras.  In March of 2016 we brought in
another pair of Germans, Reneau and Rememberance from Fulbright Fibers Rabbitry in Oregon. We
are calling them German/Giants as there is no way to have them evaluated as Germans up here in
Alaska.  So we are showing them as giants in ARBA shows so we can get feedback to help us continue
to improve the breed.  Giants actually originally came from Germans are essentially the same breed.  
I know it is complicated :(
Shearing Day
They wear a coat or are under a heat lamp to keep them from chilling for
about a week until their fiber starts to grow in.
Reneau and Rememberance
just arrived.
Rememberance expecting her first kits
Pictured below is Michael just before
his second shearing at 6 months old