Van Doe
Born February 22, 2016
Satin Angora
Chocolate Agouti with High Rufus

Dam: Oceanside Belle, Chocolate
Sire: Oceanside Beast, Chocolate Agouti

Van Doe comes to us from
Born Fuzzy Rabbitry in Wasilla,
Alaska.   She came to us super well socialized and healthy.  
She is a special girl, having lost her left ear during her birth
as her Mom had to pull her out as she was so large, hence
her name.  She was the only kit to survive.  Her Mom has
since had other litters with no problems.  We are excited to
begin our journey with this new angora breed, looking
forward to her shiney soft fiber.  
Plans are being made to breed her when she is old enough.  
Stay tuned.
4 Weeks old
Van Doe's
Van Doe Just Born and Growing up

Van Doe with her dam